PC Trouble
in PC Trouble - 18 Aug, 2015
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I recently updated my trusty Windows 8.1 Media Center Pro workstation to Windows 10 Professional.  All went well with the upgrade, or so I thought until I tried to save documents to my OneDrive folders or to my windows Library folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, Video) and got this pesky little dialog window that promptly proclaimed: […]

in Freeware - 07 Jul, 2013
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— by Dave Taylor The Question: This is bizarre. I needed to reformat my USB Flash Drive so that it was in NTFS format so I could grab an ISO image of the new Microsoft Windows 8.1 and while I figured out how to get to the format program, when I reformatted my 16GB flash drive […]

in PC Trouble - 05 Mar, 2012
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In my inbox this week was an email exclaiming, “my email has been hacked again!”  If you’re using an online free email service like Yahoo, Ymail, Hotmail, Live, MSN or Gmail …. and you can still use your password to access your account, your account may not have been “hacked.”  What’s probably happened is that […]