in How-To - 11 May, 2016
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Don’t Mess Up My Listening Experience!

VolMixerDo you love listening to your favorite music while working at your PC, or from PC connected to your home entertainment center?  Do you hate all those ‘system’ sounds that get blasted away at you each time a new email arrives in your inbox, or any time you PC wants to relay a message to you?

Check out the “Volume Mixer.”  You should be able to access it from the System tray by right-clicking on the Speaker icon and selecting Volume Mixer from the context list.  If for some reason you don’t see a speaker icon in your system tray, open your control panel in the Category view and click on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ link.  Under the ‘Sound’ category, click on ‘Adjust System Volume.’  A panel similar to the one at the right should appear on your screen.  Another way is to hold down the WindowsKey while typing the letter ‘R.’  In the run window, type SNDVOL and click the enter key.

NotificationsIf you’re familiar with an audio equalizer, the Volume Mixer works similar to such a device.  Adjust the “speaker” volume up for the best audio for your video or music.  Then, adjust the ‘system volume’ down to ZERO to remove all system sounds.

In Windows 10, there’s also another step you can take to remove both banners and sound notifications produced by various applications.  Click the window icon on the start bar to open the start menu and select ‘Settings.’  In the Settings panel, select ‘System.’  In the left pane of the System panel, click ‘Notifications and Actions.’ Scroll through the various types of notifications and turn off those that tend to disrupt your viewing and listening experience.